Miran Kamala

Film, Teaterarbetare och skådespelare

About me!

My vision is to work and develop myself further within the film and television industry, both as a director and actor.

Actor, born in Kurdistan, lives in Sweden since 1989 and lives in Gothenburg.
educated for television, director and actor.

Director educated at the Institute for Higher Education TV (IHTV) in Gothenburg (2006-2007).
Educated in the theater line at Gothenburg Folk High School (1994-1995).

Worked since 1983 as an actor, especially in film / TV but also in theater both in Sweden and in Kurdistan.

My interest lies in film, theater and performance, and I constantly strive trying to develop myself even more. I am ambitious and serious in about everything I do, and work wholeheartedly and pleasurable for all jobs large or small.

Has also had major roles in the SVT-productions: ''Kniven i hjärtat'', ''Leende guldbruna ögon'' and ''Kungamorder'' . Appeard in TV and movie productions: ''BECK- Invasionen'', ''Johan Falk'', ''Ettor och nollor'', ''Wallander-Dödsängeln'', ''Offside'', ''SEBBE'' and ''Ginas Show''.

Has directed "Dansarens kvinna" with Kurdish ensemble in 2013.

Has appeared as an actor in:

"En timme kvar" at Theatre Trixter in 2010.

"The Bible" at the Gothenburg City Theatre in 2011-2012.

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